Question Is Win7 on z370 (in RST mode) possible?


Feb 23, 2016
Mobo: Aorus Gaming 7-OP z370

Hi all! I want to dual boot Win7 and Win10 on a z370 system in RST mode and be able to select an OS via Win10's boot menu. I currently DO dual boot (sort of) Win7 and Win10, but the configuration is "mickey moused" to work. I'd like to try to do this properly if possible. Quick note, I use Win7 for some older HASP protected software that won't work on Win10 or a Win7 VM, hope that helps explain myself :)

So first, the main question: Is there an RST F6 driver for Win7 for z370 (official or unofficial)? My mobo's site doesn't have one listed, but then again, it didn't have a UHD VGA driver either (Intel never made one), but thanks to users out there, someone made one possible and it works wonderfully (aero included). So I'm hoping there's a similar solution for RST.. if none of this is possible, check out the following and maybe you can help me with that instead.

Win10 is CSM disabled, AHCI disabled (RST enabled) and is Optane accelerated.
Win7 is CSM enabled, AHCI enabled (RST disabled) on a platter drive.

To get into each OS, I have to go into the BIOS and change the above settings back and forth... annoying. I also have to unplug the Win10 drive when I boot into Win7 because it destroys Win10's boot loader. Not sure how it happens... but when it does, I can't fix the bootloader. Startup repair fails. Can't seem to manually fix it either, not sure if maybe recovery modes can't see optane accelerated setups?

Secondly, Win7 also tries to run chkdsk on Win10's drive (I may not know what I'm talking about, but I'm going to guess that Win7 sees the Win10 drive as an incomplete array, since the Optane stick is invisible, it thinks the whole thing is just corrupt so it tries to scan it). If it does scan, it'll move all the files to the lost files directory, destroying everything. The drive is actually good, not going bad, made certain of it.

Don't worry, everything's backed up two times over. I'm ready to get my hands dirty. What shall I do? Thanks in advance!!!