Question Is Xeon E3-1275L v3 compatible with Lenovo M73 Desktop (H81 Chipset) ?

May 13, 2021
Hello, I've been looking online and trying to figure out if this is a compatible and good upgrade I recently bought a ThinkCentre M73 Desktop with i3 4130t (upgraded to 16Gb ram and 500GB SSD) from FB marketplace. I've been using this system to run game hosting servers, modded Minecraft, Valheim, ext... and have been considering upgrading the CPU to a Xeon E3-1275L v3 to hopefully improve load times. Yet I haven't seen anyone actually doing this on the M73 only the M93 and just want to make sure this is possible before ordering a CPU from china ?

If anyone has done this and has got it working please let me know or if there are any recommendations of other cpu's to go with for my use case.

The CPUs seem similar enough that I don't think you'll have an issue except in a few areas:

The first that you've already discovered--no one has done it. That doesn't mean it can't be done, just that no one has posted that has done it. I've run across this before on systems and did get things to work that no one had posted about previously.

The second is that the TDP of the xeon is higher so you'll need a better cooler or expect the fan to run a bit faster. Personally, I always just set my fans to 100% so I don't have to worry about heat. I've found that usually 65w heatsinks can cool 95w processors easily if you do this.

The third is that while the chipset may support the cpu, the bios may not. Now, officially it does not, but all the major brands, (Dell, HP, and IBM/Lenovo) pretty much support some xeons but don't officially let you know so you have a chance there as well, but it may not work just because of the lack of bios support.

And finally, buying a fake cpu from china is asking for it to not work even if it normally would. Just find a nice used cpu (preferably locally) from someone who knows where it came from and what its history is. The fakes may not work because they're defective, full of malware, or just crap. Plus, they're illegally using Intel's IP without permission, which is IP theft that you don't want to be a part of.

Best wishes and let us know how it turns out. I'm guessing you have a solid 50% shot of it working, so definitely worth trying. :)
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In my research the M93 was similar, but not the same as the M73, hence why there's also a chance it won't work. Because if it was as easy as the M93, there would have been more search results with the M73 in it (all I saw were M93).