Is Zettabits Next Generation Storage?


Aug 29, 2007
Good review. I like the product by its look (the colors and prints) and the detail explanation makes it interesting. I would categorize this as a service rather than product. This is an alternative solution for data backup in out-of-the site, means out of your local location. We can use this.


Aug 30, 2007
I have used the standard unit for about a year. I got it when I read about it on gizmodo and gave it a shot. I was surprised to see a review of it here because I have read little about it on the net. I had to create an account so I could comment.

My Girlfriend has tons of photos for her business and if they got lost it would have a pretty large impact, so we got the zbox to store them.

This review is kind of convoluted about the product. From what I read and what it does is not clear/does not come across in the review.

Its a NAS thats supposed to be set up to act like another hard dive, and anything you put on that hard drive its automatically backed up. It has the added functionally of being able to access your data anywhere because that data is backed up off site. You can use a key to access that data from any connection from the net. That does not mean you you have activate this feature if you are worried about security or do not wish to use this function.

I started with the 30 gig unit, and later upgraded to a 60 gig. The company mailed me a new box with instruction on how to transfer the data. Pretty much it was a just plugging it in and it did it on its own. Very easy product to use and set up. I currently have about 30,000 pictures on mine and I have no performance issues.

I have not really noticed the upload speed because I am not dumping 10 gigs on in one sitting. Unless your filling the whole thing up at once, it has not been an issue. You can also throttle the bandwidth that the box uses so it does not consume it all.

One of the key things I think this company is aiming to do is making back up super easy to use, so that "even a cave man could do it." You can tell by their website this is what they are aiming for, and the product is just supposed to work with no tampering. It does.

If you are a more advanced user, there are more options reguarding user accounts and shares.

I think the price is reasonable for what it does. You get both instant on site storage and off site backup. Plus support, if if the product fails, they send you a new one, no hassle.

Price comes down to how much you care about data, and what kind of experience you want dealing with the company. I recommend it for a small business, or someone who has important things that they can't afford to lose.