Question "ISP Coaxial to MoCA to Router" - Is This Possible?

Tom Jeffry

Jul 9, 2019
I have researched a little on this but I am still a little confused with the technical aspect.

I have a cable modem (CastleNet CBV383Z2) from my ISP that is ancient and just bare-minimum and I want to replace it with a router such as the TP Link TL-WR840N to be my main router with DHCP etc.
I do not have any TV/Media/Decoder coaxial cable on this connection, I only have the internet coaxial cable.

My question is, would a set up such as the one shown below work?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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So I am having issues getting any information your castlenet box.

From the little I can tell it is a standard cable modem/router combo unit.

Cable companies do not use MoCA to transmit data to people houses. Most use a protocol call DOCSIS. Even if we ignore even more basic technical reasons it won't work basically the moca and the docsis are talking different languagues. Kinda like talking to someone on the phone where one person is speaking french and the other german.

You really have no choice but to use a cable modem. You need to check what your ISP supports. You might be able to change the castlenet box into just a modem and then use your router. It all depends on why you want to get rid of the ISP box. The router you list is very very old also. Unless you just happen to have you are better off spending money on a router that has at least a ac1200 number. Even that is fairly old tech but it is massively newer than the wr840n
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