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Nov 14, 2021
I am in Philippines and I have mobile internet from smart, quite fast average speed of 100 mbit.
but if I stream or open homepages outside asia, its super slow, I cant even stream on a netflix
account its too slow.
I have address this problem to my ISP provider, but they dont care, they just saying, ur speed is fine
I even change to european server in speedtest and send screenshot to them, so they could see how bad the ping is.
but they seems they dont understand it. my question here is, can I do something about it in my end?
If not, so it seems I need to change provider.
I already tried with another router I also tried with another provider and it works, the problem is that provider dont have unli data.
There is nothing you can do about traffic once it leaves your device. All your data is sent over the same connection between you and your ISP so on that connection all the data is the same.

Generally this is means there is a connection issue between your ISP and other ISP. Either your ISP did not buy high speed connections to other ISP or maybe they do not have direct access to some undersea fibers.

You can get some basic idea how your ISP is connected to the other ISP with a basic tracert command. You can try multiple IP and see if you can see anything interesting in the path. You can't change the path but it might be useful information in the next step.
It might actually be a issue in your ISP network that they can actually fix....well if they want to.

So you basically need to get a different ISP that has better connectivity. You can do it the obvious way but what you can also do is get a second virtual ISP using VPN. The goal would be to find a VPN provider that has a data center in your country that your ISP has good latency too. Then you hope that the VPN provider has different data connections to other ISP and other countries that is faster that your ISP.

Be somewhat careful lots of poor quality VPN providers,do not even consider using free ones. In your cases you did not say you play online games. There are a number of VPN providers that have specialized in improving latency for some popular games. These are very commonly used even on fairly fast ISP in the area of the world you live in because they have purchased private fiber paths to the cities where game data centers reside. They can of course be used for other can complain if you use a VPN since many people attempt to use it get access to say USA netflix.

Even if I knew a good VPN provider that does not mean it works well on your particular ISP. It all depends on how your ISP interconnects to the VPN providers ISP and where these connections are made. It is pretty much a lot of digging around and trial and error. Most vpn providers have some test option or allow refunds so you could try some out. Be selective in your testing if you are going to install vpn clients on your pc rather than your router if it supports it. The VPN clients do not always uninstall cleanly and it is made even worse if you attempt to install multiple VPN clients at the same time.
Your mobile provider is a Tier 3 internet provider. They have to buy bandwidth from a Tier 2 Regional provider. Mobile providers often use CGNAT as well. The Tier2 provider also then has to buy bandwidth from a Tier1 provider to reach out to the global internet. My guess is that one of the 2 links is congested because someone does not buy enough bandwidth between tier3 and tier2 or between tier2 and tier 1.


You can try a program like PINGPLOTTER and ping a website with a server outside the Philippines. If there's a clear bottleneck, sometimes you can see which hop in your internet chain is causing the bottleneck.
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