Issue 8600 gts works in 4x pci but dont work in 16x


Nov 24, 2011

Hello, i just have same issue with my 8600 gts graphics, works in sec 8x, but not in 16x pciE.

But all from begining, My pc set was MB Asus M2N sli deluxe, graphic card Asus GF 8600gts. 2 years worked fine in main x16pci slot till one morrning. When tryed to turn on my pc, and saw black screen and not booting pc. First idea was Graphics card went off, tryed in secondary pciE 8x, worked fine 2 years more till yesterday, Again black screen and not booting pc. All same from evening was fine, next morning cant boot and black screen. Thought or MB or GC fail.
Graphics tested, at frieds pc, working well.

So was the MB failure that means.

Now i brought new set, MB+CPU+RAM,
And quees, from few first tries cant boot new PC, with old 8600gts in 16x PciE slot,
Then tryed secondary slot 8x, boots and work fine from first try.

So now i am totaly confused, is there some problems with my graphics card, cause i hardly believe that i brougth new set with fail 16x Pci E slot.
Is any chance that is smt wrong with Graphic card at the end, not the MB. I comfused totaly.
Next step i need to buy new graphics card and test in 16x, to see whats the problem real is. Maybe my old MB wasnt bad, maybe it was GC.


Aug 27, 2011
well, if the card doesn't working on new Mobo in x16 then surely your card is getting sick try with other card on your new mobo in x16 if it work then buy new one card.