Question Issue after installing toshiba z40-a motherboard replacement

Jan 10, 2021
Hello good day can anyone help me ? I recently replaced my toshiba z40-a 4310u motherboard that went bad with another 4310u motherboard that is working. When I started it up everything worked well then after while my keyboard started giving a few problems which was the FN key stop working, the CAPS LOCK key stop working and SPACE BAR stopped working. After a while my volume from my speakers stopped working as well. The touchpad's on-screen pointer will just stick to the left or right or move all around the place without me touching it and even disabling the touchpad physically, the on-screen pointer would still move.

Sometimes the A key will just press by itself and when I press backspace it would stop pressing. I have tried updating drivers, reinstalling drivers, uninstalling drivers and restarting the laptop so that windows will install manually, reinstalling a fresh install of Windows the problem still persist and no water or liquid has ever spilled on the laptop. After I changed the motherboard the issues occurred. Any fix to this issue or do I have to buy another keyboard touchpad and speaker ?



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