Question Issue after Issue (First time build, please help)

Mar 18, 2021
So, here it goes. This is my first build. Here is a list of the parts

I have not overclocked or messed with BIOS.

Also, the RAM speed is set to the default because I was having issues at the start (see below, and haven't gone back in to adjust them up to where they should be)

Lian Li 011
Ryzen 5900x
Asus Strix x570 E gaming Mobo
Asus Strix 1080
2x16gb of Gskillz trident 3600 cl16
NZXT x73 360mm Aio
Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1tb
Barracuda 1tb Hard drive 7200/
10 PC Cooler Fans (Carona)

So, i'll give as much details as possible, and hope for the best! Thanks in advance!

Since build I have had multiple issues, and it seems like I fix one and another arises...

First I was experiencing random shut offs, and restart (mostly it would attempt and then fail to post), and that one took me awhile to figure out, but turns out it was the CPU power cable not clicking in all the way. So it would randomly shut itself off and then I would get black screen and no lights to rgbs including mouse and keyboard. Replaced that and fixed that issue.

All went well for awhile, and now I am having random freezing and restarts. It mostly happens right after I close out of a game (not during). Everything will be functioning fine until I close out. And it will either freeze right away, or once I click into chrome or another program. This also seems to be happening more and more frequently. My attempts have been to run update available through armoury crate, windows, and geforce experience. Did not fix

Currently I am running with only 1 of my sticks of RAM (in slot 2 as slot 1 is blocked due to now space from my aio pump hose) to see if maybe I had a faulty piece of RAM. Now this could be a winner because here are the results thus far.
First stick of RAM had same issue occur. Turned on. Tried to load into steam (will discuss a whole other issue with steam) and it restarted itself.

Currently, I am running with the other stick of RAM and I haven't had a crash yet. I loaded into explain why not steam here in a sec as I understand I should be consistent when trying to recreate a problem) and played about 10 minutes of COD. Quit to windows, and no crash yet.

So, potentially it could be the RAM... However, and here is something that's throwing me off and i'm unaware if RAM can cause this issue, or possibly due to the timing of the crash being after closing out of games... I am also experiencing STEAM uninstalling or corrupt data, fairly frequently.

First time it happened I closed Rocket league through steam, and it crashed. Went back to play a day later, and Rocket League Data was corrrupt (and its a a pain to fix) but I ended up fixing it after a few attempts.
All was fine, until I downloaded Warframe (on steam) two days ago. Since then I have had it crash on me 3-4 times after closing out of Warframe (all before attempting with only 1 stick of ram) and 2 of those times i've gone back to load into Warframe it says its been uninstalled. So I attempted to install (to see if it would recognize the files that were downloaded, only for it to recognize only half the file size, and continue downloading from the halfway mark. Along with that, Rocket League has now again become corrupt data, and I will have to figure out the saving process of that once again... And this happened after the restart caused when I had the first stick of RAM in by itself.

So, my current theories are it was the one stick of RAM that is bad and causing the crashes, AND during the crashes it has been corrupting the DATA of my games. (also forgot to mention that every so often doesn't recognize any downloaded games and I have to manually select where the are to be recognized.)

Running up theory is that it's my Samsung 970 Evo 1tb SSD that is crashing, and losing data?

Other ideas i've had is to update the BIOS for my x570, however I am still a noob for computer builds, and im afraid im going to mess something up getting into updating BIOS for the MOBO as i've heard that can be troublesome.

The only other thing I thought maybe odd (but unsure of) is that NZXT CAM is known to have windows crashes or freezes from previous versions (I do have it updated)

Annnnnd after another look as I was tallying information... This might be helpful.

Before with the 2 sticks of RAM in. In CAM it would show my CPU clock bouncing anywhere from 3600mhz to 4950mhz, however now with only the 1 its staying between 4700-4950... Would this be another factor pointing towards the RAM?

Any advice or thoughts would be helpful. If I do fix, or find that my issues have completely stopped with taking out the 1 stick of RAM I will update. Thank you!
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