May 8, 2011
Hey guys,
I've been working for the last 6 hours on this and can't find the answer. I've taken the boot problems guide that is stickied step by step and still have no result, so any insight would be great.

i7 2600k
P8p67 mobo
8 gb Xms3 ram
GeForce 590 gtx
850 Tt psu
Cooler master 942 hafx case
Samsung DVD drive
Seagate 1 tb hdd

I just did a fresh installation of windows 7 and began updates. It needed to restart and prompted, so I agreed and on reboot it black screened and ask me to select boot disk drive, I had accidentally left the install disc in and it began opening files again. In my brain I apparently thought ejecting the disc would be fine, so I did and then hard restarted the system.

This is where the problem comes in. Ever since Then, every time I turn the unit on. It will power up, fans, psu, mobo lights, etc. but my screen will remain blank and neither my keyboard nor mouse will recognize and power on. I'm kind of stuck now with no idea what to do. Again I've followed the boot problems guide to no avail and am in need Of some help. I've tried unhooking drives, cards, CMOS resets, one stick on ram and still beeps no nothing.
So that this point I'm a bit frustrated and just looking for some help.

Thanks in advance,