Question Issue connecting SSD within laptop but works on optical slot

Jul 12, 2020
Hello guys, i have a problem with my Kingston A400 (120GB) SSD. My current configuration on my laptop is SSD in optical drive slot using caddy and HDD inside laptop itself. I am able to use SSD to boot up my OS this way and no speed is lost. However, i wish to switch them because having the SSD in optical drive is sometimes unstable because unnecessary movement will always cause the optical caddy disconnected and i have to restart due to blue screen.

I have tried placing the SSD in but the problem is it will not detect, but HDD works fine in the optical caddy. Below are some of my specs:

HDD: WD Blue 1TB (5400rpm)
SSD: Kingston A400 (120GB)
Laptop Model: Dell Inspiron 14 (3421)
Windows 10 (1909)

Can anyone help me if there is any solution to this?

Thank you.