Question Issue with aditional new Hard drive upgrade in ENVY x360


Apr 25, 2014
Product: HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-bq2xx

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi There,

I’ve a new Laptop HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-bq2xx which came with a 256GB M.2 Hard drive, its awesome but I wanted to upgrade for more space. So after my research I found it has additional compartment for a 2.5Inch hard drive and the connection port, however company didn’t provide any accessories to upgrade it.

So I brought a 2.5” SSD, hard drive bracket and caddy cable according to the product service manual. However both of the arts are not HP OEM. I got them from Aliexpress but its description says it should work with my model.

Now after installing it with the 2.5” SSD almost nothing happened, the bios and the system doesn’t recognize it. I formatted it with GPT partition as an external drive but still nothing. I changed all setting in bios like disabling secure boot, legacy support etc but still same. As it’s a SSD I couldn’t feel its running or not but later I put a mechanical HD and I saw the HD was running and each time the system boot its giving an error Hard Drive 2 Error (3F2) and press F2 to system diagnose, but while diagnosed I tried quick to extensive test but its still doesn’t recognize the HD2. And while touching the HD its was running.

And yes both the HD are absolutely fine and works well as an external HD.

So can anyone help what is the issue might be?