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Question Issue with ASUS V Rampage based system, crashes, error code "bd"

Jun 10, 2020
Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. Sorry, upfront this is going to be a long block of text.

I am having a lot of issues with my current system since almost when it was build. The system will run fine for a few months without any crashes and then suddenly it beings to crash and become instable. Then ussually one of the things i do is to search for a bios update and flash it using the ez-flash 2 tool build into the ASUS V Rampage bios. I am explaining this because I think the following might be of importance: Once the bios is updated, after the reboot, the system wont start at all and there will be nothing on the screen. When I open the cover and look at the mainboard display it shows error code "bd", which from what I understand has something todo with an issue between the CPU and the memmory. Then, the only way to get the system to boot again is to hit the CMOS clear button on the back of the computer, then I can enter BIOS with F1. When I do and then use the basic settings, again the system wont boot. But, I can go into EZ TUNE Wizard and select 1. Desktop 2. Gaming Computer 3. Water-cooled system. Then, after saving theese settings the PC will boot into Windows again. However, from what I understand it will use some heavy overclocked settings and that might be the reason the system is then performing instable and from time to time it will crash during playing games.

I tried to change some of the settings manually, but I have no idea what the right values for everything is, and all that i tested (for example raise System Agent Volume) did not work.

Theese are the components:

Intel Core i7 5960X Black Edition (Water-cooled)
64 GB DDR4 Memmory

According to the digital panel of the pc, the CPU temperate never exceeds 45 degree celcius (thats with the "automatic" overclock settings, which sets the cpu clock speed to around 4ghz), mostly its around 35. So I dont think its an overheating issue. I also did a memory check with both the windows tool and a third party tool and they did not report any issues.

Now I think, that maybe its an issue with voltages or memmory-speed settings, but to be honest I have no idea. I find it weired that it wont boot up with the bios default settings, which from my understanding should always be safe values.

Thanks for any advice.