Question Issue with Bios Update for MSI B360-A Pro and I7-9700k


Jan 27, 2016
So my girlfriend went and picked up an i7-9700k today to replace her i5. The plan was to still use her MSI B360-A Pro motherboard. Not the most ideal, but will work until she has the money to upgrade it. Knew we would need to update BIOS, however Mflash refuses to recognize the bios update file. It sees the flash drive, it sees the folder structure even. It just won't see the update file. So we looked further into it with a buddy of mine.

Turns out her bios version is a format 7B22IZ1. All the files for download, and the normal MSI structure is IMS instead of IZ1 at the end of that. I am fairly certain this is the issue, thus the reason no bios version on the MSI website works. the IZ1 files are modified bios versions done by retailers or miners (her pc was a return pc when she got it so this makes sense).

Essentially my question is, is there anyway to force it to flash to the proper IMS v28 bios from the website or are we screwed and have to get a new mobo? Theres an MSI admin tool from 2008 that might work but I wanted to see if there were any suggestions before moving forward with that.

Note - New system will post to bios with the 9700k in it, but will not boot to windows. Freezes on the windows loading screen.