Question Issue with Bluetooth


Mar 31, 2017
Hello Everyone,

I have been having an issue with bluetooth for a while, no one seems to be able to help me. Maybe with some additional explanation it can lead to a diagnosis, or so im hoping.

The issue is that my bluetooth seems to "break" or stop working after the computer has been running after a while. I am not able to connect anything to my computer when this happens. I get no warning that it has failed and I'm not sure at all what is causing it.

The only indication I have of the issue is that my devices seem to all disappear in the Bluetooth settings

For example, this is my Bluetooth settings when I just start up my computer and Bluetooth is working:

And this is my Bluetooth settings when I realize nothing is connecting:

This is the only indication I get the issue has occurred.

I have obviously tried a bunch of my own fixes. I have used the windows included Bluetooth troubleshooter, I have tried restarting the Bluetooth services and setting them all to automatic in the registry, and I have even tried to reinstall windows, I have also bought a new Bluetooth device thinking it was the Bluetooth USB device I was using was broken, finally i have obviously tried different USB slots, all of them in fact.

If anyone can help me out with this, I would be super grateful. It is not a huge deal, as I can restart my computer to fix is temporarily, but it is still super annoying. Especially with all the things, I have tried to fix it and nothing has worked.


What model is the BT adapter? I am curious if its the same brand I had. One of my adapters will not connect to nothing win10 though works great on Linux mint without an issue.

I had an issue with my BT adapter I decided to start clean by removing all the paired device. The Bluetooth & other Devices in my case would not remove a device. this is how I fixed this.

Open Device manager by type devmgmt.msc in the text search field on the task bar. If you do not have the search field press windows key +R which will open the run command field than copy or type devmgmt.msc.

The best way to get BT working again is to perform the following
• unplug the adapter and turn off Bluetooth on the settings window same window that you pair devices from.
• On device manager click view than select Show hidden devices
• Removed all devices and drivers listed under Bluetooth.

Once all the above is complete than plug-in the exiting or new BT adapter and than use discover to pair devices.

Now I got me a Xbox BT controller and that works fine it only pairs to itself. But my BT adapter would also pair the controller so I had to ditch the BT adapters due to this issue. I now have TV wireless headset by sony connected to the earphone jack no BT required.