Issue with connecting laptop to LCD TV via HDMI


Mar 8, 2013
My graphic card's gt420m and I have the latest drivers.

I've connected the hdmi cable and my laptop has realized the lcd tv. I ve adjusted settings and used FN+F5 combination to extend the screen to lcd but none is working. tv says no signal all the time.

but, when i disable gt420m at device manager and restart the laptop, LCD gives the screen.
and whenever i re-enable gt420m at device manager, the screen on LCD disappears immediately.

I think my problem is with graphic drivers. I tried the last drivers, previous drivers, my laptop's(acer 5742g) original drivers...... but I havent get any result...

Here is the picture of my lcdtv(when gt420m disabled) and nvidia control panel screen.

i've taken this ss of nvidia control panel from my laptop not from lcd. because gt420m has to be enabled at device manager in order to open control panel. I cant get screen from lcd when gt420m is enabled)

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