Question Issue with FPS Fortnite

Apr 4, 2020
PLEASE HELP!!!! I’m going out of my mind!!!
First off here are my specs:
I5 7500
Gigabytes 1080 ti
16gb or ram of Corsair
Asus Rog 240hz monitor
1000w of power supply
4 ssds
One Hhd
Lastly a lot of RGB idkkk if that has anything to do with my issue cause that’s the last thing I can think of

anyway I’m going out of mind so basically I play competitive Fortnite and before I used to have an rx580 and I would run of an average of 200 to 300 FPS in game modes. In creative i would run 400+ (That’s with the rx580 being over clocked) all on low settings

I started having issues a month ago, and it’s still happening until rn and it’s pissing me off.

So my issue is FPS DROPS, so first I thought it was my you going out or something like that so I went and got a 1080ti only to find out the same issue is still the same. When I would go into game modes I would have 200+ FPS which is amazing until I jump off the bus it would stay the same but I would see HUGE drops from 200+ to 90 50 and even worse 19. YES 19????????

I have gigablast internet (idk if you Call it something different but it’s the 1000mps) which is the fastest we have here in Az and way more than enough.
I was looking at a form saying it could be ssd or Hhd issues considering if they don’t have “dram” in the ssd. But all of my 4 ssds do have dram. And the Hhd does too. I installed Fortnite on every drive I have and still having the issue.
The last thing I can do is upgrading my actual ram but there would be no point? I already have 16gb and Fortnite recommends 8 only and I don’t run anything else but Fortnite.

i have tried multiple things like setting windows to best performance, changed power mode and I changed my power supply from 750 to 1000 thinking that would do anything cause I gave up...

the last thing I can think of is rgb??? Like I’m just so confused??
Also I don’t think it’s the game, I thought it was at first because in creative I have more FPS than normal game modes but then I was looking at streamers and they all got high FPS with no drops even my brother with wayyy worse setup he still runs 150 with no drops at all