Question Issue with fTPM on POST

Feb 24, 2019
Recently I have trouble with my CPU so I swapped it out for my old R3 to test if my R7 was bust. After swapping them back the R7 seemed to work fine however now whenever I start up my PC, before I even get into the Windows screen I get a message saying "New CPU Installed. fTPM NV corrupted" or something along those lines. It gave me the option to press Y in order to rest these setting or N to keep the old ones. If I press Y it goes off but takes me right back to this page. If I press N my computer boots into Windows but if I restart my PC the same message pops up. I tired changing this in BIOS but when I tried to save the chnages I made the BIOS screen freezes meaning I have to restart my PC. I believe the BIOS settings do save but dont take effect as im still getting the message even though I turned this off in BIOS. Please Help!!

System Specs:
Ryzen 7 2700
RTX 2060
MSI B350 Tomahawk
32GB Trident Z RGB