[SOLVED] Issue with Gigabyte G27Q 1440p 144hz gaming monitor

Feb 20, 2020
I recently purchase a G27Q GIGABYTE Gaming Monitor and used it yesterday.

I am running an i510600k and an RTX3090.

The computer has had absolutely no issues.

I used the knew monitor yesterday, changed the settings in control panel to use 2560x1440p and 144hz. - my last monitor was 1080p 144hz/

Booted red dead online, change the res and refresh, everything to ultra, 90-100fps. Play for a while shut down and go to bed.

Get up to play today and it feels like a setting or preset has been changed on the monitor or in a setting somewhere.

Monitor says ~90fps and 1440p @ 144hz.

But Nvidia overlay says 45fps.

The game is noticeable less sharp than yesterday.

Any suggestions or ideas as I am not familiar with this type of monitor.

Thank you.