Question Issue with M2 NVME Not recognised anymore in Bios or Windows

Nov 24, 2020
Hi All,

Got a strange one I can't figure out. PC was working fine but over the past few days began to BSOD. Running Windows 10. Ended up coming to the conclusion that it's probably the Windows install and or the M2 drive would not recognise straight away after a BSOD crash, would take a few reboots. I then realised I had been using the Secondary M2 slot on my Board (X570 Pro Wi-Fi ITX) so I have no swapped this to the Primary which is suppose to be marginally faster. M2 drive I am using is Adata XPG SX8200 Pro.

Upon swapping ports all was fine but it did BSOD again. So i figured ok time to format and re-install windows 10. Now that I have formatted the drive it is no longer detected anywhere. I was unable to install Windows 10 to it. So I installed Windows 10 to my storage drive as I read you have to activate the M2 in Disk Management. Issue is it is not listed there either. I did not change any Bios settings etc and it went from being detected to not being detected as soon as I formatted the drive. I have just dated my Bios to the latest firmware.

Upon installing Windows 10 to my storage drive I had to convert it to GPT for it to work.

Any ideas? Been working on fixing this for the past 2 days.