Question Issue with "Network Error"


Dec 31, 2018
Hey all.

So a couple years back I started a PC build, which for the internet ran off of BT, my PC ran off of wi-fi which was incredibly slow (up/down of 1/10mb) until this year when we got an upgrade to fibre (speeds now 10/50).

Ever since that upgrade there were periods where the connection randomly drops out for a few seconds. I was not entirely sure if this down to my network card (which was a cheap one) so bought a BT dongle offline which also meant I could connect to the 5ghz band (rather than 2.4 as before).

SInce then I have an issue downloading files which randomly happens (as well still infrequent drop-outs) where in whichever browser I utilise (Chrome or Edge) it does not download, and comes up with an error "Failed-Network Error" instead either partway through a download, or at the end.

I have tried:
resetting my internet browser
flushing my ipconfig DNS settings (in case of a bad setting)
trying different browsers (also happened with Firefox)
clearing cache
turning off firewall (I did this for a file from my own upload area on mega, so I knew it was safe, to determine if it was firewall settings conflicting)
Worth noting the following I still run wi-fi - unfortunately wired is not an option.