Question Issue with POST when GPU installed new PC build

Jul 27, 2020
Hi I noticed a few things about my build that I need help with. Here’s a brief rundown of the specs:

Aorus Z490 Gaming Pro AX
Intel Core i9 10900 2.8ghz,
MSI Gaming C Trio RTX 2080 Super,
WD Black Series M.2 SSD 2TB,
Asus 850w Platinum Power supply.

Ok my issue is that initially when booting into BIOS it worked ok even with GPU installed both fans and lights spinner on GPU and all other components seemed to function fine, I did notice that the M.2 SSD wasn’t showing up in BIOS I also rebooted a few times and sometimes it would power on or I’d get a 5 beep error which has been consistent along with a VGA light even with the GPU still getting power fans spinning/lights.

I decided to move the M.2 which according to the manual said the slot is for future use or something. I then put it in the correct slot and removed GPU and everything booted fine and I decided to install Windows 10. I’m planning on installing GPU again but could the SSD initially being in the wrong place cause intermittent issue with GPU and POST? Any help is greatly appreciated.