Question Issue with RAM with same configuration ?

Aug 4, 2022
Ok so the ram in question is G skill trident z neo (aka ryzen optimized) its 2 x 16 gb (32)

Mobo is Aorus master z390

Cpu i7-9700k

When i put in 2 sticks without xmp profile my pc freezes in about 5 mins and i have to manualy turn it off
When i put on xmp profile on both (3200mhz) it either blue screens immidiately or freezes up while it loads startup programs( like steam)

When i put in 1 stick it works fine and i can even use xmp profile with it

I am seating the ram in 2nd slot and 4th slot as my mobo manual describes for dual channel

But i also have a kit of x2 8gb(16) also 3200mhz from G skill ripjaws V that works in dual channel(2-4) and it can run xmp profile with no issues whatsoever

I tried manualy increasing voltage on the trident and then i get boot faliure

Bios is updated to latest version

Im confused and dont know what to do ?
If the Ripjaw kit is working and the Trident kit is not, then it must be some issue with the Trident kit. That is, assuming that you didn't fiddle with timings or settings and ran it as it is. Can happen sometimes. If its in warranty, simply RMA the kit.

Back in the days before DDR4, some AMD optimized kits or Intel optimized kits had issues with cross compatibility due to brand specific controller settings. That is not the case anymore AFAIK.

Also, if its not on QVL list, its not guaranteed to work, although it does work more often than not.
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