Question Issue with RTX 2080ti install

Jan 19, 2020
I recently tried to upgrade my rig from a Titan X to a RTX 2080ti card.
The only change was the card and swapping out a pci e 6 pin cable to a new 8 pin one.

Unfortunately, the computer does not boot past the UEFI splash screen. It hangs for about 20 secs, and then gives a single beep.
At first I thought it was a CMOS issue, but taking out the battery did not do anything to solve the issue.
I actually put my old card back in, and confirmed the CMOS was reset (got prompted to set to default setting etc.) so it wasn't that...

I think I have narrowed down my issue to two possible problems, but I would love to have some extra input just in case it saves me some time.

1) Drivers issue: In my ultimate wisdom, I figured that nowadays I would not need to uninstall my previous drivers since I was going Nvidia -> Nvidia.
The last time I did this step was when I switched from AMD -> Nvidia and the last few upgrades were fine without this step.
I will probably check this later today if I get the chance.

2) Motherboard BIOS compatibility issue: My mobo is fairly outdated compared to the RTX card, but looking up info it seems like it should be supported. I am guessing I need to update my BIOS just to be sure, but that is actually something I have never fiddled with in the past.
I checked my BIOS last night this is the current mobo/UEFI version I am running:

I will try to troubleshoot the issue on my own as well, but any input would be appreciated!


Your first mistake was assumption #1. Always remove the drivers and then change the cards unless they are absolutely identical. When reinstalling use the latest drivers available for the new card.

Try to start up with the old card and do that.