Question Issue with Ryzen 3800x and X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming MOBO, no signal to monitor.

Jan 28, 2021
Hello everyone. I have had a pc for about two years now and this past Christmas was the first time I had ever upgraded my CPU. Before the upgrade I was running a Ryzen 5 1600 processor, and have decided to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 3800x. I swapped out the two CPUs and plugged in my pc and powered it on, but my monitor was not detecting any display output. My first instinct was that there was something wrong with my GPU but I had previously upgraded my GPU from a 1080 to a 2080 super, so I wouldn't think that would be the problem. I did some research on both the new CPU and my motherboard which is a X470 Aorus UTLRA Gaming, and on both the box and website it says the board is compatible with 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs. I looked up what to do if this problem happened. I reset the bios, cleared CMOS, took out my RAM and used only one stick, and made sure everything was plugged in correctly, but nothing worked. I eventually put my old CPU back into my rig, which worked, because I had come to the conclusion that I got a dead CPU. Some time later I ordered a new Ryzen 7 3800x and when I hooked it up, I had the exact same problems as before. I did all of the same solutions/fixes which didn't work. I noticed that on the MOBO there was a red light on which lined up with the CPU light in the manual. Since I am still new to building computers I have no idea what this red light means or how to fix this issue. Is there a way I can find out what the light means and how to fix it? Is it possible that the MOBO is not compatible, even though it says it is?

Upgraded CPU from Ryzen 5 1600 to Ryzen 7 3800x, gave no signal to monitor. Tried everything so far, Bios, CMOS, one stick of RAM, checking connections, even getting another Ryzen 7 3800x. Red CPU light on MOBO turns on. Don't know what light means or how to fix this problem.

  • Ryzen 5 1600 (Old CPU)
  • Ryzen 7 3800x (New CPU)
  • Asus RTX 2080 Super
  • X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming
  • 16G (2x8G) 3000 MHz DDR4 RAM
  • Thermaltake Toughpower 1000w 80 Plus Gold