Issue With Steam Download


Nov 24, 2015
I was recently downloading Shadow of War. A nearly 100GB game. My little brother thought it would be amusing if he paused the download at 1 second. This caused a host of issues. The game does start (I'm fairly certain he clicked pause just as the download finished) I can play and be in game and everything works normally. Two other issues stemmed from this however. Steam believes the game is not finished and is trying to reinstall the game again. Steam has also therefore allocated another 100GB off of my hard-drive to do so. How do I fix my storage issue and get steam to recognize the game is installing without deleting my game??? One more comment I'm sure I had exactly 278GB free before the "second download" started. Any tips would really help.
If you right click on the game in steam there is an option called ‘verify’ or something similar. This will run a check of the install and allow Steam to identify the install is complete. It may take some time to check 100Gb but it’s still faster the downloading the game again.