[SOLVED] Issue with usb 3.0 internal slots


Dec 16, 2020
Hello forum,

I have a question concerning about usb 3.0 internal ports and cables. I have coolermaster h500m case which has 4 x usb 3.0 front ports and msi mpg z490 gaming carbon wifi mobo which has only 1 internal usb 3.0 port. I bought extra pcie slot card that will deliver 2 more internal usb 3.0 ports but seems like it doesn't work that well as sometimes data transfers are stopped or usb devices are not detected on all ports in the front of the case.

I ran into these internal usb 3.0 20pin y-splitter cables. Does anyone have knowledge about how they work and will they work at all? https://www.moddiy.com/product_imag...eader_Y_Splitter_Cable_12cm_2__09142_zoom.jpg