Question Issue with using DP and VGA monitor.

Oct 11, 2021
So I'm trying to make a 3 display setup for work. I have a Dell Latitude with an i5 with Intel UHD graphics 620 integrated card. I can run the on-board display with a VGA monitor or the internal display with a DP monitor (through the USB C DP out port). But I cannot run the internal display, the DP display and the VGA display at the same time. When I connect just the VGA display as just the second monitor and then connect the DP display, the VGA feed dies. Is there a way around this? I thought that maybe the built-in card doesn't support three displays but it apparently does. So I'm wondering what can I do. Maybe it's not able to handle 2 analog displays? I have an HDMI port that's free, would buying an HDMI to VGA adapter and using that work?

If the card definitely does not support 3 displays, I'd love to be able to use the two monitors, but again, when connecting the DP one, the VGA feed shuts down. Would there be a way to have the card output just to DP and VGA?

Thank you for any help.