Question Issue with using two external monitors on my laptop ?

Feb 5, 2023
I recently bought a second external monitor for my gaming on my Lenovo Legion 7i. Comes on fibe fine but my main monitor sometimes will go blurry when playing games. Is there a way i could force my second monitor which i don't plan to play games on just do basically desktop tasks using the Intel igpu and leave my main monitor working through the RTX 3070.
Would that solve the problem ?

My Lenovo Legion 7i has an Intel i7 11th gen CPU and an RTX 3070 GPU.

First monitor is a Samsung Odyssey G7 connected from HDMI on the laptop to HDMI on the monitor.

Second display is a Dell U2414HB connected from the USB-C gen 4 port on the left side of laptop to HDMI on the monitor.

Like i say, both power on fibe fine but when playing games like warzone 2 etc my Samsung monitor screen will go blurry after a while.

Any help much appreciated.


If the blurriness is not immediate, one thought is that the problem is heat related and only appears after the Samsung monitor has warmed up some.

Does the Samsung monitor go blurry "after a while" if used with some other computer(s)?

Does some other known working (not going blurry) monitor work if substituted in for the Samsung Monitor?

Starting point is to determine if the blurriness follows the Samsung monitor or stays with the laptop/monitor configuration.

Try some monitor swapping. Change only one thing at a time and allow time between changes. E.g., enough time for the monitor(s) to warm up beyond the the normal time lapse before going blurry.
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