Question Issues connecting monitor to PC (no DP or HDMI connection picked up)

Dec 5, 2022
Hi thanks for any help in advance.

So I've had my desktop pc (pre built) for just under a year now and the issue I have had has come up in the past however I cannot fix it now.

The issue is that when I try and use my PC, the monitor will not display anything; the message that is show says there is no DP signal connection found (or HDMI when I try that). This has happened in the past, however I usually just restart my pc, unplug and plug back in the cords and it starts working again. However, this time it is stuck. The issue arose after I shut down my pc and started it up the next morning. Whenever I put it to sleep, the monitor/pc works fine.

I have been able to conclude the issue involves the pc, as I have tried the monitor on a different pc and it works plus I have tried a different monitor on my pc and it doesn't work. I have tried reseating my gpu but nothing changed, and I have also tried changing my RAM slots but that did nothing as well. I have also tried to take my gpu out and run the display off the motherboard but that didn't work either.

I would appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6600
The RAM is DDR4 and I have one stick of 8gb
I have a 500gb SSD
PSU: EVGA 80+ Gold 600W
Monitor: Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3222DGM
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