Question Issues connecting to specific game


Jun 1, 2016

I'm having some issues playing Among Us. When I purchased the game, I was able to play a single private lobby with my friends. Now, for the last month, whenever I attempt to connect, I eventually get a Reliable packet 1 (size=15) was not ack'd after 7500ms (9 resends) error for every lobby I try to join. I've done a lot of research on this error and just having issues connecting to Among Us lobbies in general. A lot of the answers are "servers are spotty" or "servers are overloaded"... just try spam connecting or try again at a different time when less people are on. Doesn't work.

What it seems like it's coming down to is my internet. Because the game is available on mobile devices, I downloaded it on my phone and had the same issue when connected to WiFi but if I switch off WiFi, I have no issues connecting via my mobile data. Keep in mind that I've tested this within the same minute of trying to connect while on my home WiFi so it can't be the servers. Just for kicks, I tested on another laptop and was unable to connect to a game lobby while on my WiFi.

I've played games on Steam since the early 2000s and have never had issues with connecting to game servers until Among Us. I currently play Rocket League, Counter-Strike, Fall Guys, etc. on the same internet connection without issues. I've also reached out to the Among Us creators but have yet to receive a response.

Things I've tried without a single success:
  1. Spam joining a lobby and/or trying at different times (5:30AM EST - 10:30PM EST)
  2. Restarting my router
  3. Resetting my router via reset button
  4. Allowing Among Us through my Windows 10 firewall
  5. Turning off my Windows 10 firewall
I've also captured some packets while attempting to join a game with WireShark but it's still just a bit over my head right now.

Wonder if anybody else has any ideas that can help me troubleshoot this issue. Thank you.