Issues loading old Skyrim saves


Nov 6, 2012
A while back, I had Skyrim installed on my old pc, which I no longer have. Before I got rid of that pc a few months ago, I copied the save files from Skyrim so I could play them later. I just installed Skyrim on my new pc, and copied the save over with a flash drive, but whenever I go to load, it says The save game can not be loaded because it is outdated. It is version 0, and the current version is 9. Considering the time that I put into Skyrim, and the development I had with that character, I do not want to lose it. Is there anyway I can either trick the game into thinking it is version 9, or change the version of the save? I don't remember where I was standing, but I have never played Skyrim DLC, so I should be able to access the area. Thanks for any help!


Nov 26, 2012
sorry, but you are screwed... (no offence)

if your previous save is from the first "original" issue of the game, and you have a new version, you would not be able to do anything to seamlessly transfer the saves.

your best bet is to use the same techniques and make a new character....

if you want to speed through the first sequence, set the difficulty to Novice, and type TGM in the console....
you will be GOD and the enemies will be very stupid....

later you can change the difficulty back to where you want, and disable the GOD mode via the Console again...