Question Issues recognizing SSD in optical drive

Jul 16, 2019
Hello, I had recently changed out my optical drive for a 1TB Samsung EVO 860 SSD in a caddy. I was hoping to use the new drive to boot Windows and run programs and use the existing HDD as storage.
However, I'm having multiple issues in achieving this. First. every time I restart my computer the system doesn't recognize the SSD and I need to remove the caddy and plug it back in to work. I've already cloned the old HDD and renamed the SSD the E: drive but nothing I do can make the BIOS boot to the SSD (doesn't show up as an option) or make it the main disk drive. Also, when I view the properties of the C: drive and E:, both the HDD and SSD show up under the hardware properties.
What can I do to fix these issues?

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5567. For practicality, I do not want to remove the HDD from its original spot.


Jul 28, 2018
Ok so the first thing you need to do is get the SSD recognised as a storage device with the original hard drive running windows .
Once it is accepted by the sytem then you can start work on what you need to do .
Then you can mess about trying to do what you want but honestly it isnt going to work .
The main issue here is you are cloning a drive a clone is also a clone of all the system paths and this will not translate to a drive on a different path.
So instead of being lazy you need to install a fresh copy of windows on the new ssd in the main drive bay or do a fresh install choosing that drive but honestly at this point seems really backwards but whatever .
stick the old drive in the caddy .
If you try and cut corners to save time you will never be able to win .
ive done this kind of ballache stuff many times and come to the conclusion there is no short cut.
ive used many drive caddys in optical drive bays and they are great .
but seriously just do it properly and save yourself all the hassle.

More often than not the main drive sata will be 6gbps and the secondary port may only be 3gbps so its not really worth risking that .
unless you have the spec of the motherbaord as an optical drive would never need more than 3gbps data transfer speed .

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