Issues setting up SSD in new computer and moving everything onto it

Jan 22, 2019
Heya. Wanna make it clear that i am TERRIBLE with computers (i have MCI which kinda makes things hard to understand and remember) and i recently got a new computer. I had a friend help me install everything and get it operational but i'm wanting to transfer everything of mine onto one big SSD i purchased (2tb) and have all my other storage spaces be free. I control+A'd three of the other drives in my pc, but the main drive i need copied is an old 500gb hdd, which has 300ishgb of data on it. I tried the previous methods but the transfer said it'd take 1-2 days along with constantly having issues during transfer with permissions and duplicate files, and some files not being able to be transferred and i can't really sit here for 2 days doing that. So i attempted to use a samsung disk migration tool my friend recommended to transfer the data, and after using it and restarting my computer, the 2tb is gone and no data was transferred. Upon further inspection my 2tb ssd is deactivated and when i look into it it says that "The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another drive". So uh...what do?


First list full system specs, what drives you have, how they are setup for storage and booting.

Is this SSD going to be used for the boot drive or just storage? The Samsung disk migration should work to clone a drive to the SSD, once you used it, did you remove the original drive? You may want to have someone that is good with computers look over your system setup, what you should copy, what is duplicate files, what is not needed at all, then copy those into the new drive.