Issues w/ vista 64bit+webcam max

Hey guys I wanted to share my frustration from last night.

I installed webcammax last night to I would send image of my screen while being on webcam but when I right click on the window>got to settings>select source>only my webcam shows up and not the program.

I googled the issue of webcammax not showing up under sources since webcammax is not compatible with 64bit OS :pt1cable:

The program runs fine, it seems by webcam also its just I can't select it as my source when using webcam.....

So my question is do you guys know a program that will capture my screen and send it as webcam image, I'm not talking about recording the screen.....(somethnig that will be 64bit compatible x.x)



Mar 16, 2009
You should try ScreenCamera. ScreenCamera allows users to stream the desktop inside video conferencing programs and websites such as Skype, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, blogTV,, Mogulus, Ustream, and so on.

ScreenCamera can also connect to your Webcam and stream both Desktop and Webcam at the same time.

It works with a video resolution of 640x480 and it is hard to find something not to like about it. It is cheap and to me it is a must have tool for video conferencing.

You can download ScreenCamera here:



Sep 16, 2009
Hello,I’d like to introduce Magic Camera, another webcam effects software.

In one word, Magic Camera is a similar effects tool as WebcamMax and Manycam. If you try it, you will find the user interface and usage are also similar. But I want to highlight a few ‘exclusive features’ Magic Camera has:

/It has a powerful virtual webcam system. New functions include:
Multiple virtual webcam: You can add unlimited virtual webcam on one PC and use them independently. Very useful when you have multiple real webcams or want to open several broadcast channels/webcam chats at the same time.

Free Screen Capture: User can adjust capturing position, size and speed when capturing is running. This feature makes broadcast online much more flexible. You can online forward youtube videos

Dual Mode virtual webcam: Webcam simulator can run as either kernel mode driver or user mode dll to maximum compatibility and performance. Use can easily switch between them by a configure dialog.

Adjust speed: User can adjust file playback speed to control broadcast speed.

64 Bit Vista and Win7 supported: But only user mode simulator is enabled.

/More video effects for VJ.
Support an open spec plug-in video effects system so that many free plug-in can be found in the web. Some effects are more suitable for VJ/DJ. User can also develop own video effects by any program language according to its website.

People who are interested can go to its website to find more.