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Question Issues when I plug a third monitor on my GTX 970 : VRAM USAGE AND POWER

Apr 22, 2020
Hello, sorry for my english I'm french...
I've got a big problem with my GPU.

When I plug a third screen on my computer, I can see (in MSI Afterburner) that the VRAM frequency is increasing from about 340MHZ to 3900MHZ, the power is from 10% to 50% and the consumption is from 15W to 51W (GPU-Z).
I know that adding a screen need more performance but it is actually insane here !
Making my gpu burning for nothing and making more noise beacause of the fans.
Even if it is a 1080p screen or a 4K one, even if I plug it onto the HDMI, displayport or DVI output.
There is not significaly impact of having 1 or 2 screens so why does it do that with three ?

I've tried many things ad the nvidia support told me like :
  • Display Driver Unistaller and then reintall (after reboots)
  • Old versions of drivers
  • Debug mode in the Nvidia's Control Panel
  • Reintalling Windows on another drive
  • Plug my gpu onto another PCI-E port (gen 3)
  • Cleaning my pc (there was no dust in the port)
  • Updating motherboard's bios (not done because it is up to date)
I don't know from when the issue start but I notice it a week ago...

Can someone help me please ? I've worked on that all day but nothing changed :/