Issues when running Quadro 600 and RTX 2070 in the same build

Jan 11, 2019
Hello friendly strangers,
I have a situation. I bought an RTX 2070 for an old (~6y) PC to replace the existing Quadro 600. Everything is fine, but I've read that it is good to have a GPU dedicated to the display.
So I tried installing the Quadro into the second PCIE16 slot and setting the correct PCIE slot to boot the display on in bios. The display didn't show on either of the cards. Then I removed the RTX 2070 from the first PCIE slot, and only THEN the display on the Quardo showed up. Why is this happening? How does the installed GeForce affect the Quadro, which the display should show on?
I also noticed that the nvidia driver is wiped when both cards are installed at once. I understand that this is a driver incopatibility issue between GeForce and Quadro, but it shouldn't result in the display not showing up at all when booting with both cards installed and display connected to the Quadro.
Can anyone know how to fix this issue?
(Also some advice regarding fixing the drivers is welcome :)


Sep 10, 2017
I just bought a rtx quadro 4000 for using in my CAD applications, with the intent of leaving my 980ti in the system as well for photogrammetry applications. Unfortunately only 1 set of drivers can be installed (unless your mother board is capable of deactivating PCI slots in BIOS - mine isn't) so I can either have the quadro drivers, which makes the 980ti a dead card in the system, or I can install latest Geforce drivers which will work with both gpu but treat the quadro as a standard rtx 2070.

If your MB supports deactivating PCI slots here's the link:

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