Issues with a New Monitor


Sep 23, 2011
I just bought a new monitor from Amazon and I am having issues with the way it looks on my system. I wanted to make sure it wasn't part of my setup on the video card or the monitor before I send the monitor back to Amazon. Currently I am using:

as my video card and

as my monitor. I used to have an old Westinghouse monitor that worked fine but the picture was starting to go blurry in it so I needed to replace it.

Now, on to the problem I am having. Right now on my monitor, anytime I move something on my screen I can notice faint zig zag lines crossing across solid colors that make a diagonal grid across the entire surface that I am moving. It's almost as if my card or monitor is struggling to refresh the colors at the rate I am moving them, (which isn't fast at all.) I first noticed it when playing League of Legends and when I would click to move my character, the health bar above it would go a darker grey in color and the lines would become noticeable. It's also quite noticeable when the tabs in Google Chrome are sitting idle across the top of the screen. It doesn't happen in just the greys though, even minimizing windows causes the default blue background in windows 7 to show the lines until the monitor catches up.

I am running the system at 1920X1080 res in 24bit color and 60 refresh rate.

My question, is this an issue with this monitor? Could it need to be RMA'd? Or should I just find a different monitor in general. If I should find a different monitor, could any of you recommend any good 22 or 24" monitors in the 200$ or less range? I only paid 118$ for this one when amazon did their daily special for them


It may be your GPU. I had a similar issue. It eventually went away (I believe I re-installed the GPU drivers). If the issue continues, try a different monitor you may have (use your TV as one if possible, or use a friend's). If there is still an issue, then it probably is your GPU.