Issues with asus sabertooth z170 mark 1


Mar 25, 2017
I have bought ASUS motherboard Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1.
My PC configuration is :
Intel Core i7 7700k 4200 mhz Processor,
Cooler SCYTHE Mugen Max,
Graphic Card MSI GF GTX 1070 Gaming X 8 GB GDDR 5 DX 12,
SSD Samsung 500 GB 850 Evo Basic,
HDD Seagate Barracuda Guardian (3.5"/1 TB/ SATA 6 GB/s/rmp 7200),
Power Supply Fortron Hydro G 750W 80 GOLD,
Memory DDR4 Kingston 16 GB Predator (2x8) 3200 MHz,
Computer Case NZXT S340.

I have updated my Bios UEFI to the 3007 version in order to support my CPU.
When I choose option to calibrate all fans on my motherboard and case, program reaches 100% and then everything freeze.
My second problem is when I turn my computer "on" all onboard LEDs are lit up, but when I shut down my computer only LED that is lited up is SBPWR. My question is which LEDs should be lited up when my computer is "on" and which when my computer is "off".
My third problem is when I shut down my computer, assistant fan is still working in full speed and it won't shut down not even one hour after shutting down my computer. I have to cut down power supply in order to stop fan from working.

I hope that you can help me with my problem because there is no ASUS customer support in Croatia.
It is normal. It's on for a reason. It's telling to you turn it off completely before you remove anything like ram

Read the manual. I dont know what the other leds are. Or what they do . If they're on the mobo, I dont have the same mobo

And I dont calibrate these fans. They spin. I'm happy

I dont know what assistant fan youre talking about