Question Issues with Asus VG279QM monitor ?

Apr 1, 2021
So I recently bought the VG279QM 280hz off of amazon. I added it to my additional two other monitors, a 1080p 165hz and a 1440p 165hz monitor. When I first installed it, the max hz I could go up to was 144hz. I unplugged my other monitors and nothing changed. So then I overclocked the monitor to 280 and force changed it via Nvidia Control panel. I was able to overclock it, but there were some crazy flickering issues and black out issues. It occured almost once every 5-10 minutes. So naturally, I stopped the overclock and went back to 240hz. However, the same issue presents even with 240hz, so guess what, I went to 144hz. I want to be able to use 280hz without flickering or blacking out, any help?

Specs if it will help:

ryzen 7 3700x

32 gb 3200hz ram

rtx 3070

asus b550-a


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I read this off the user manual, here;
Overclocking may cause screen flickering. To reduce such effects, disconnect the DisplayPort cable and use the monitor OSD menu to try again with a safer Max. Refresh rate.
^ Page 3-2.

On another note, go to page 3-12, you'll see your panel can do 280Hz at 1920x1080, not higher than that and only with the display port.

Apart from that, what OS version are you on? What BIOS version are you currently working with? Might want to download the latest drivers for your GPU from Nvidia and then use DDU to clean all drivers off your platform. When reinstalling your GPU drivers, install them in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.