Issues with computer freezing/can’t enter BIOS

Jan 22, 2019
So I have a gaming PC that is somewhat customized. After installing a new motherboard as well as a new processor I entered BIOS and diddled around with a few things. I mainly started making the PC run in a mode that “optimizes gaming” as an alternate to “standard mode”. I hear that this is not so good and may be leading to my problems. Since then, my PC has froze on many occasions when booting games or downloading software. I have an idea that I just need to get back into BIOS to reset what I changed before and I feel that everything will be fixed. Problem is, I cannot boot into BIOS. I’ve tried holding F1, F2, Esc, and Delete all at separate times on boot up. No luck. I also tried to go into BIOS through the settings in Windows. No luck
1) is the “game enhanceing mode” I turned in in BIOS my problem?
2) what am I doing wrong to get into BIOS, or what can I be doing differently?

Any help is greatly appreciated as it has been days since I’ve fed my addiction of playing Overwatch, and I feel that I might not make it much longer