Question Issues with discord mic on new headset

Nov 26, 2018
Bought a new headset hooked it up to my pc and it worked with discord fine. The next day, discord starts having a meltdown when I try to join a voice channel. It gets stuck on authenticating, then when it finally connects no voice or sound is working. This only happens when the mic jack is plugged in, when its unplugged it joins fine. The mic and sound work completely fine everywhere else. I've tried the solutions on the support page and emailed support last night and this morning with no help. Not sure if messing around with the sound quality messed it up or not, I've reset voice settings, reinstalled discord, uninstalled devices, nothing. I even uninstalled realtek audio driver entirely, then discord connectly perfectly fine but the mic was completely messed up so I reinstalled it. Anyone have a clue cause I don't.