Question Issues with ethernet/internet (Disconnecting, slow speed)


Nov 5, 2018
I have been struggling with different kinds of networking issues recently. Such as:
-Slow uploading speed (Around 0.2-0.03 MBps)
-Ethernet randomly disconnects and connects back after 3-4 seconds (I am unable to run a troubleshoot in such little time)
-I can only get any sort of connection from the router's FE port, if I plug it in the GE port it just doesn't give any signal whatsoever. I also bought a switch and I cannot connect to that. (Although I think this is a seperate problem, but I thought I'd mention)

The router(Huawei EchoLife HG8121H) has 2 ports (FE and GE) and we have 2 seperate cables running from it, but only the one I am on has these issues. I couldn't find any software on Huawei's website. Normally I use Ethernet cable (Cat5 or Cat6 I'm not sure), but I tried to connect with a Wireless USB adapter aswell, but the problem persists. After I have upgraded to win 10 Home 64bit, I think the disconnects are a lot less frequent. Running a speedtest gives around 70-90 MBps download and 0.2-0.03 upload speed. The package we have should give 1000MBps (I only get 100MBps because of the FE I think) and 300-ish MBps upload. On phone I had about 30MBps upload.

Stuff I've tried: (I have been trying for days so I might have missed something)
  • Both the router and my pc has been restarted multiple times.
  • Upgrading from win 8.1 to win 10
  • Updating drivers for Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller , deleting drivers so they are forced back on
  • Disabling windows firewall
  • Disabling "allow computer to turn off this device" on my network adapter
  • Disabling "Wake on magic packet"
  • Disabling large send offload v2 (IPv4) and (IPv6)
  • Changing the speed and the duplex
  • Network reset
How can I improve the stability/speed of my internet?
Any advice is appreciated, thank you in advance!
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