Question issues with fps and hz feeling like they dont sync up.

Jan 3, 2021
Wondering if anyone can help me, i play various games including valorant, csgo, rocket league call of duty to name a few, i have an i9900k, rtx 2080s, 240hz alienware monitor, 16gb g skill 3600mhz ram, gpu is running at base clock and cpu is running at 5ghz no issues. the issue comes where the game does not feel like it is running at the correct refresh rate, rocket league solid 250fps feels like a 180hz game for example, same as csgo, valorant is capped at 245 but if i uncap or set to 240 directly the game then turns choppy and horrible which makes no sense. motherboard is ROG maximus hero XI and is on the latest version, mostly default settings and recently clean installed windows and still feeling the same issues. any ideas?