Question Issues with GPU, GPU driver and PC boot

Mar 28, 2020
I have seen previous questions based on similar scenarios. But this one is a little different.

First my specs:
I have a old pc with

GPU: Nvidia 1050ti
Memory: 2GB OEM built ram ,4Gb G-skill Ripjaw 1333MHZ both.
CPU: Intel i3-2100 3.10GHZ
SMPS: Antec BP 450S, suppose to give 83% max efficiency, 450 Watt with 12V rails.

Even though it's an old pc it was working great but after almost two years of usage one morning the pc won't boot. The fans would spin and turn off. After some tries it would boot but get stuck on the bios screen.

Here is the weird part. If I've had removed the GPU for some time and reinstall it, it would start working again and after a week it would have the same problem (Months Earlier).

Now after a few days without the GPU it works like a dream and if I reseat the GPU, the system will boot, but as soon as I would install the GPU driver, the pc would shut down and won't boot for the life of it.

I am thinking of buying a new system, but I am concerned if the GPU is working or not or is it a faulty SMPS which I am still not sure of since the PC works fine with multiple mouses and Keyboards attached but the GPU might draw more power than all of them combined i don't know?
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