Question Issues with having no signal on monitor

Apr 13, 2019

So to begin with, the issue I'm having is my monitor having no signal output coming from my motherboard. This all occurred after I initially was having a problem with an infinite automatic repair loop, and as resolve to that I tried to unplug a RAM stick from the motherboard. Of course to no avail. Instead my monitor stopped getting a signal, even though everything else works seemingly well.

The solutions I've tried:
-Change the video-card slot/remove and put it back in
-Exclusively swapped all of my RAM sticks separately and on all different four slots
-Held the power button on for 30 seconds to 1 minute
-Removed the CMO's battery and placed it back in.
-Tried the motherboards VGA (No videocard)
-Tried a different computer for the monitor cable and monitor itself (Worked perfectly)

All, but to no ease. I'm at this point convinced I need to replace my motherboard, as I've theorized that I might've accidentally done something wrong when I initially took out the first RAM stick, that could've damaged the motherboard. However, I still despite having gone through multiple other forum posts and videos regarding the very same issue am posting one here myself in case there is /ANYTHING/ that I might be missing?

Motherboard: Asus Z170 progaming
Processor: Intelcore i5 5600
Graphics card: GTX 970
RAM: 16GB (8gb & one pair of 4gb)
Powersupply: Corsair: CX600