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Question Issues with low GPU usage on high end system, with many options tried [LISTED]

Jun 27, 2019
Hello THW, I need help with a high end setup that seems to not use enough power for certain games.

Before I explain the problem, here is my hardware:

I have 3 monitors
VG278, 1080p, 165HZ (Main)
VG279, 1080p, 144HZ (2nd)
Acer XB270H, 1080p, 144HZ (3rd)

GPU: Geforce MSI RTX 2070 4095MB
MB: MSI Tomahawk B450
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
RAM: 16GB, Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GB (Running XMP-2)
Storage: 1000GB M.2 SSD (Samsung)

Everything is stock, I.E. not overclocked.

This is my most recent userbenchmark
Note, as per today, I have ordered a new SSD for storage, but I am fairly confident it is not the case.
Current M.2 SSD still has 200GB space left.

Measures taken:
BIOS updated yesterday to the most recent version.
GeForce updated yesterday to the most recent version.
MSI application, GeForce applications, HWMonitor, Ryzen Master have been used for control and registration, respectively, and are up to date.
BIOS has been run through, XMP enabled.
GeForce Controlpanel has been set to the most optimum settings, including disabling of DSR.

The issue:
Playing certain games like League of Legends and Overwatch, I notice that my GPU will rarely, if ever, use above ~26% of its power.
From the screenshots shown and my own observation, neither the CPU or GPU is either overheated, overused or in any stress at all.
At both "Silent", "Balanced" and "Extreme Gaming" modes set by MSI Dragon Center, League of Legends run the following:

Silent mode, all low: Avg 168 fps, lowest dip at 122 fps, max 300 at spawn (Cap).
Silent mode, all maxed: Avg 160 fps, lowest dip at 118 fps, max 300 at spawn (Cap).
Balanced mode, all low: Avg 175 fps, lowest dip at 122 fps, max 300 at spawn (Cap).
Balanced mode, all maxed: Avg 161 fps, lowest dip at 110 fps, max 300 at spawn (Cap).
Extreme mode, all low: Avg 179 fps, lowest dip at 120 fps, max 300 at spawn (Cap).
Extreme mode, all maxed: Avg 158 fps, lowest dip at 111 fps, max 300 at spawn (Cap).

View: https://imgur.com/a/BRiWzD1
-- Picture to show usage at MAX settings, balanced, high intense
Notice how fps's are practically just copy paste.

My observation is that GPU usage on all low is typically between 20-24%, and 23-28% on all max.
My PC is not hot, nor does it blow up, and no stats show any sign of stress.

Playing other, far more demanding games, I have not really suffered a problem, but I must admit, I haven't been testing, since I am busy with bachelors.
But for the record, a month ago I was playing Rome 2, Total war at near-maxed out settings, using OLD drivers for my GPU/BIOS (UserBenchMark scores before and after the driverupdates, showed that I had an increase of 15% perfomance!)
If I played a more demanding game with older drivers, lacking perfomance, but at max with no problem - Something must be wrong.

I have tried scouring the internet for an answer, and the closest related post in this forum is a dead post with no solution available.
I hope anyone out there can help me!