Issues with moving files on/from harddisc using eSATA (USB works fine)


Mar 20, 2012

I've bought a Toshiba STOR.E D10 Zwart 1,5TB so that I can use e-SATA to connect it to my laptop. I've got a HP Probook 6555b with Windows 7 64bits. When I use the USB connection (this hard disc has both USB an eSATA) all works fine, no problem at all.

When I connect it with the eSATA cable I can find the external hard disc and brwose through the files that are on it. However when I try to move files from my laptop onto the harddisc (or the other way around) after about 10 seconds it slows down and stops half way copying. Next Windows Explorer is not responding.

Does anyone have an idea about what the solution to this problem can be?
Need to rule out some things. Try the drive on another system with an eSATA port if you can. If it works, check the HP site for updated drivers for your laptop. Last thing to try is to check for BIOS updates for the laptop.

If the drive does the same thing in another PC, get a new one form Toshiba, the eSata interface may be bad.