Question Issues with Multiple file copies.


Dec 28, 2013

I have an XPS 9560 laptop with an , CORSAIR MP510 960GB NVMe M.2 hard drive.

Ive noticed that when doing Large file moves within the laptop that consist of a large number of small files.
(audio sample libraries), It seems to fall over itself and starts coming up with messages saying that either the files already exist in the destination folder, or dont exist in the source, almost like the copy process is falling out of sync with the index. Which has never been a big issue. I normally just need to double check everything has copied.

This recently got worse when i tried to process this file:

I initially relaised I had to unzip with 7zip as the download page instructs. As the windows tool though not kicking out errors doesnt seem to unzip the content, I just get a blank MACos folder (its a dual format resource).

Ufter successfully unzipping I run a search for .WAV files and do a copy to another directory.
I was told some of the files no longer existed in the source folder, and some already exideted in the empty copy location),
I thought this was similar to what i have seen before but i find that the ones which are "no longer there" are still visible when browsing to them.

Having had this kind of issue in the past im not sure if im deeling with a windows/drive issue, or a corrupt / bad format download.

Advice please?