Issues with my new graphics card (7870)


Dec 28, 2012
Current build
GFX: Msi 7870 Hawk
CPU: i5 650
Mobo: GA-P55-UD3R
Ram: 8gb
HDD: 2x 500gb 7200rpm
Psu: Thermaltake toughpower 775w

I upgraded from a 5750 to a 7870 a couple of days ago and honestly i'm not that impressed. I do not actually see any improvement in BF3. At first I though it has to be drivers and then I read into that. I find out that people were experiencing a similar problem with their drivers so I downgraded to 12.6 like much of them had done. I didn't get to much of an improvement from doing that so I then thought that there is a slight chance it could be a defective card. But After powering up PS2 I notice almost double the frames I used to get so I took my attention away from a faulty card. I haven't ran any benchmarks to see if the card is placing where is should be but atm it really feels like I still have my 5750 in my case.

In BF3 I get an average of about 40 fps on preset high at 1400x900. According to reviews and benchmarks of this card I would expect that fps with ultra settings at 1080p.

In Msi afterburner the gpu load doesn't go above 60% and when I have task manager open my cpu is around 90%. This is leading me to think the processor I have is bottle-necking it.

When I first got the card I thought the card may of been defective but from what i've read It may be the cpu. The being defective still isn't out of the question.

Can you guys help me?
Your CPU is holding your card back,a faster CPU will give you a huge boost in performance.(Games like BF3 benefit from a faster CPU)