Question Issues with my PC shutting down mid game

Jul 2, 2020
I have been having issues with my PC shutting down mid game since a couple days ago and have been testing the PC ever since.

So I ran a multitude of tests and the only one where I see a possible issue with is when I run a test with OCCT and look at voltage outputs on the PSU rails.
All rails are close to their required voltages except the 3.3v rail... it will not go any higher than 1.2V no matter what test parameters are set... Would this be a sign of a bad PSU?

My Northbridge also gets quite warm under load (while it has it's own dedicated fan and heatsink) but I see no specific error code in the windows event logger regarding the shutdowns.

I am not sure what to do next... help!

Vic 40

Hard to say if OCCT reads the voltages correctly. What parts in the pc? For psu=maker+model+wattage.

Next can help for other parts besides psu,

download hwinfo,
install and open it=click run,
close the top window which is the system summary,
in the main window at the left top click "save report",
at the bottom of the next window check "Summary for Clipboard",
after that you'll see what's in the pc,
copy by clicking "copy to clipboard" and rightclick+paste in your next respons

Look into the bios and see what it says for the 3.3V rail. Can also use hwinfo, which is usually decent, to look at voltages,

open hwinfo,
check "sensors-only",
click "run".